Quiet Bounce: ‘Dealing’ With The Situation

Each generation has their musical adaptation of infidelity (e.g., "If Loving You is Wrong" and "Secret Lovers"). Eric Roberson brings a soulful perspective on the topic with "Dealing," an incredible duet with Lalah Hathaway. It has a 21st century sound, with fleeting synths and ambient piano riffs, but the vocal entanglement of Erro and Lalah is timeless, heartfelt confusion. Some of us seek a sideline boo to fill the void of an inadequate relationship or perhaps fell into the situation (no pun intended). Others are gluttons for lust--slaves to their hedonistic ways. If you've ever dealt with someone on this level, you can definitely relate to this track. If you're currently in this situation, and still high from its taboo, this quiet bounce is for you.

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5 Responses

  1. The song is pure FIYAH. One of my absolute FAVORITES, from "Music Fan First". Erro couldn't have chosen a better partner, than the divine Lalah.

  2. Just beautiful.

  3. Good song right here

  4. iAdore this mans voice. So beautiful. && this beat is rocqin.

  5. Probably my fave track on the album. Seriously. Makes me wanna curl up and wish that hard decision away.


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