Quiet Bounce: Erotic Endurance Prevails In ‘Marathon’

Soft whispers carry sensual instructions to your right ear...then your left. The declaration that "lovemaking is a zone" massages your mind in stereo. The beat ignites a steady pulse guiding female moans, electric piano tones and sighs of satisfaction through your spirit. This is just the first 25 seconds of "Marathon," Raheem DeVaughn's underrated, musical three-way with Natalie Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius aka Floetry. This super sexy ballad is a never-ending expression of passionate imagery delivered on a bed of drum-thumpin', violin-accented soul. As the soul crooner shares verses with the sultry duo, you can almost taste the sweat, hear the panting and feel the endurance from beginning to end.

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11 Responses

  1. hold on a minute - did floetry get back together?

  2. Love, love, love this song! "Desire" is nice too.

  3. @ Mr. Zee
    no sir they did not get back together. I've had this song for a while now on my slow jams playlist. ;0)

  4. If i'm honest this was the only track I liked on Raheem Devaughn's latest album ... but what a track it is!
    Floetry were the Queens of the slow jam!

  5. I absolutely LOVE this song, it's soulful and mellow.

  6. This song is definitely passionate....

  7. @Mr. Zee: This track is from Raheem's second album, Love Behind The Melody. Floetry has not reunited.

  8. Maybe you need to write erotica for Nano?
    This was one of the gems on LBTM. More of this, Rah, and less club hopping with Testicular Pain and nem. I swear my first baby will be conceived to the sounds of Believe.

  9. Jeez, I'm listening to this tune right now. I've had it for some time, it hurts so good in my core when I listen to it. I close my eyes and all types of visuals pop in.Man, this song at night in a club equals trouble. Love it, love it, love it

  10. Pound for pound, right now raheem is the top R&B cat out period! besides for that one little debacle with R.Kelly, Raheem continues to put out some banging ass music.

  11. Raheem and Marsha have some of the best voice


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