Quiet Bounce: Is ‘Something In Your Eyes’ Or Are You Just Happy To See Us?

Some of you may remember last week when we posted H-Town and all four members of Jodeci's newest song whereby they attempt to convince anyone within earshot of how well they plan to "knock your heels off." It was awfully pathetic for those who don't want to go through it at all or all over again. Let's move onto a dated example of what those grown men were attempting to replicate by examining Bell Biv Devoe's "Something In Your Eyes." Sure, the video found after the bounce is for all intents and purposes laughable with tons of unnecessary finger pointing, finger licking, S-Curls, baby tigers, and adolescent posing. But if you manage to stop laughing and look away, you might just remember how hard this jam used to turn your school dance into a frenzy of pubescent and post-pubescent grinding and yearning for darker, less-populated quarters. Now that you can experience this as an adult, you can create the mood much better this time around. Should you feel so inclined, the finger pointing and licking are up to you.

After the bounce


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  1. Oh how I miss the days when pelvic thrusts were acceptable to do in public.