Quiet Bounce: The Electric Blanket Is Warm

Jazzy, trip-hop wunderkind and unapologetically sultry songstress Esthero really came hard on her debut album Breath From Another. Aside from the acclaim she achieved just this side of legal, she also was able to put out one of the most deliciously sexy songs since the late nineties, when the album was originally released. There are few lyrics in "Superheroes" but the ones that do emerge from the downbeat in her smooth, melodic staccato are ones like "stay awhile sweet tongue of fur and feather" and "you don't know what you've done/my frame is here but my mind is gone." Try not to wish you were between the superheroes when you hear this song.

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  1. Dert released an indie track sampling this in one of the tightest hooks EVER. The track is called Prince Esthero and if you can find it, it's a song that sounds just like summer in the city.

  2. ok so i've been listening to this song for years and I think the song about being an older woman and having sex with a younger man...or at least being attracted to one.

  3. @Joshy: could you elaborate?

  4. Hey Ro, I think Joshy was referring to the fact that this is not a new Esthero track. I think it's off her album Breath from Another back in 98? As for it's meaning... I prefer to think of it as personal. 🙂

  5. sexy!. Is this Cd can repply via twitter.../

  6. @Carrie: Oh, I know it's from '98, I just slipped and forgot it's 2009 (even though it's almost 2010...). I'll change my wording 🙂
    And I like the idea that it's personal rather than having it explained. It's sexy regardless.

  7. I have always loved this song, but nothing can compare to her live show.

  8. this song is amazing 🙂
    the AFTA-1 remix is also incredible.

  9. I still listen to this cd like it came out yesterday. It's one of my favorites

  10. Pink Pirate Pixie Present......Love her, love her she is second only to Sade in my world!!!!!
    This cd is 11years old, for those asking if its out LOL, heard she is working on the third....

  11. This is just great ! Thank you for the discovering