Saadiq Pulls Some Strings For ‘All Songs Considered’

I'm absolutely in awe of Raphael Saadiq. More than a year after releasing The Way I See It, the brother remains on his promotional grind. Back in the States after a rigorous road trip, Saadiq stopped by the NPR show All Songs Considered recently to perform in their Tiny Desk Concert podcast series. Armed with a homie (friend and fellow musician Rob Bacon) and two guitars, which is clearly all the room they had in "studio", Raphael took the acoustic route while performing three songs from the album: "Love That Girl," "100 Yard Dash," and "Sure Hope You Mean It." The video is below. Consider this a Thursday afternoon treat.

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4 Responses

  1. Oooh...that was absolutely lovely! Thank you for posting that!

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Fame has been good to him, I notice the nice shiny caps, great smile. Also, we definitely need the black artist/musicians to step up and do more live intimate gigs/shows/reviews unplugged or not. One, it builds their fan base especially white folks, who can be intimidated to try new things that may happen in settings they're not too familiar with (see black clubs). Two, it helps hacks like me finally steal chords for their songs that they are way less likely to have the tab posted online.