Shawnna And John Legend Want To Make You ‘Believe’

Peanut butter and sardines. Pink gators and a hunter green velour jumpsuit. Shawnna and John Legend. None of these combinations seem like they would taste, look or sound right, respectively. "Believe Me" comes from Shawnna's upcoming Block Music Mixtape, featuring unreleased cuts from the former DTP turned Nappy Boy emcee. The recipe of "Shawnna's rhymes, Legend's hook, add track and stir" just doesn't sit well with me--it almost seems forced. But, hey, I only represent one man's opinion. Take a listen and give your thoughts in comments.

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8 Responses

  1. John needs to be more selective about who he decides to collaborate with.

  2. i'm not feeling it, either. i love the guitar and john's voice, but those urban elements don't complement the song. it's nice to see them trying to turn the typical male rap/female backing vocal thing on its head but... give me a straight up john legend track over this anytime.

  3. I hate it!!! Why John... he has been lending his voice to anything these days.

  4. A great debut ... followed by 2 progressively worse albums ... now this.
    I think JL is officially 'mainstream' now, it was nice knowing him.

  5. I agree with SoulUK. I have not been a fan of his latest projects. I actually like him singing the hook on that Rick Ross song, but not this.

  6. I wanna trash talk this joint and please believe I "hated it!" but I think I'm still high from that fantabulous concert he put on this summer. He sounds great but I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how this came to be.

  7. It sucks!!!!! i love you john but still, it sucks!

  8. It sounds decent, I like it. The combination of Shawnna's voice & Legend blend smoothly. Don't hate, appreciate! Thumbs up!!


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