Siik Gives Mya’s ‘Best Of Me’ The Slum Village Treatment

mya-1.jpg On someone's birthday it's customary to give them gifts, right? But today, on Mya's birthday, it's us who've been gifted a "Best Of Me" remix from SoulBounce fave siik. And what a nice present. The combination of Mya's soft, sexy middle-register blends nicely with a beat from Slum Village that, even if you don't know it's theirs, is almost as recognizable among hip hop heads as the Happy Birthday song. It's definitely more of a sultry head-nodder, though. Even Hov's verse knocks a little sexier. Let's all celebrate.

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5 Responses

  1. ...Whoa! Siik is so in the pocket with this remix, it should be illegal. I need this for my own personal collection, I'm willing to trade a box full of Royal crown Hair Grease for this one...(lmao).

  2. Hmmmm...that's Aretha...from the track "Call Me"...1971 I think.

  3. @Pruofrijolero: You're right, nice catch. But for this song specifically siik took the sampled version from Slum Villiage's "Selfish" so it's all that was mentioned.

  4. not only celebrate...can u share the mix with a dj...........preeeeeeeze???

  5. Siik doesn't disappoint 🙂 This is a solid remix.