Snoop Dogg Spreads ‘Gangsta Luv’ With His New Video

The West-Coast Hip Hop veteran, Snoop Dogg, is back on the scene with a new single and an outrageous video. "Gangsta Luv" features Snoop in the back of his Cadillac, being chauffeured by The-Dream as they sing the hook. While he's spitting a laid-back pimp flow, the Caddy is more like the Great Space Coaster traveling through the beach, transforming into a boat and barreling into the Pittsburg Steelers' end zone. Snoop's hat tip to True Blood allows him to get his Blackula on for a few frames. It's a fun video full of wild imagery as only Snoop can do it. See for yourself and be on the lookout for Snoop's new album, Malice in Wonderland, in stores December 8th.

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    gotta love Snoop young LOL and this song is jive hot, he hit it LIVE on the BET hip hop awards and it was crankin, altho the Dream is annoyin LOL


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