Take A Sip Of N’dambi’s ‘Pink Elephant’


Today is the day that Soul music lovers--which I'm assuming everyone who dares visits SoulBounce is--have been waiting for with the release of N'dambi's brand new album, Pink Elephant. A decade after her debut album, Little Lost Girl Blues, N'dambi sounds as fresh as ever on this new disc and fans across the country can purchase the album to hear for themselves or attend one of her many listening parties across the country.  And if you find yourself at one of these swanky listening sessions, then you may want to partake of an adult beverage made specially for this album. The aptly named "Pink Elephant" is a vodka-based concoction that sounds glass-emptying good. Check out the recipe after the bounce so that you can get your drink on in N'dambi's honor. Cheers!

N'dambi Pink Elephant [Amazon][iTunes]

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7 Responses

  1. I wanna marry N'Dambi...nuff said.

  2. I am loving the new LP and I think babygirl might be future wife.....

  3. I listened to this album from beginning to end with no skips. That's how dope she is. . .
    Stoney, be thankful I'm already married or else we'd have to fight to prove our love for her! *lol*

  4. Avatar

    Damn they Photo-shopped the life out of her in that pic. That’s what happens when you hire a novice to do a pro's job. Will check out the music

  5. I heart N' Dambi! Got the album! So Satisfied!

  6. I Love N'Dambi to Tears!

  7. Having trouble locating N'dambi's newest CD "Pink Elephant".
    Do you think it may be available sometime, next month??
    Wish me luck!!