Tank Begs You To ‘Stay’

Remember a time when Keith Sweat was the King of Begging and there was none higher? In recent years there hasn't really been anyone to take the crown, but I'd like to nominate Tank for the position. It's not like he's unfamiliar with the concept--"Maybe I Deserve" or "Please Don't Go," anyone? Now in "Stay," Tank is back at it as he tries to convince his lady to stay after he effs up. After such an impassioned plea, a sista like me would be hard pressed to leave. Especially if he took his shirt off and bit that juicy bottom lip. I'm just saying.

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6 Responses

  1. Very 'tankish', indeed. I can dig it.

  2. Love him. Love the song. Thanks Butta!!

  3. Damn you, I haven't even listened to the song yet. Just getting dizzy off of the picture.
    Pressing play now...

  4. I like the song but whenever I hear a Tank song he sounds like Jamie Foxx. I know that they work together sometimes but they sound really similar to me. Does anyone else ever get the feeling that either one of them could be singing this song?

  5. @Tamara, I TOTALLY get that feeling, when listening to them. Not so much with this song, but with others. I think its because they both have done background vocals for each other.