The Fourth Time Is A Charm With GAS’D’s ‘Love Is Real Vol 4’

love_is_real_vol4_cover.jpgAs far as mixes go, my undercover find last year was Full Crate & FS Green's "Mixing Monthly" series. Despite the flame I still hold that this series will return, my appetite has been sated, albeit in a very subdued and sexy way, with GAS'D's "Love Is Real" series which we've mentioned before. To date my favorite one is their 3rd installment, but who knows what could happen when I listen to their latest installment in its entirety? It's a lovely amalgam of mostly new (Robert Glasper and Bilal's awesome "All Matter") and some not-so-new tracks (Herbie Hancock and Kimiko Kasai's lovely "Butterfly"), but it's definitely something you're going to kick yourself hard for not getting into sooner. Tracklisting  and download info after the bounce. 


  1. Imani Waddy & AFTA-1 - Light & Vibration
  2. Robert Glasper ft. Bilal - All Matter
  3. Isley Brothers - Footsteps in the Dark (King Britt remix)
  4. Boom Clap Bachelors - Combineur
  5. Little Dragon - Thunder Love
  6. AFTA-1 ft. Nikko Gray - ESP (A Four Page Suite)
  7. Herbie Hancock - Butterfly
  8. Alpha - Reprise
  9. Mos Def - Boogie Man Song
  10. AFTA-1 & Cazeaux O.S.L.O. - M.M.J.S. (A Sweaterless Suite)
  11. A Race Of Angels - Present Love
  12. Cazeaux O.S.L.O. - Wortha's Greens
  13. Deadbeat - Port Au Prince
  14. Musinah - Lose My Fuse (Prod. By Flying Lotus)
  15. Murcof - Mapa
  16. Dam Funk - Angel Reflections (excerpt)
  17. LAL Forrest - Pale
  18. AFTA-1 - Fortune Remix
  19. Alice Coltrane - Prema (excerpt)
  20. AFTA-1 - 7th Sun (first Draft)


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  1. I have to definitely say that all 4 love is real volumes are far too soothing for the ear. It's like music from he gods if i shall say lol. But pretty much fall asleep to the songs everynight. Thanks for the Vol. 4


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