We Sacrifice Our Ears To R. Kelly’s ‘Religious’ Epiphany

I don't fancy myself a religious person. That being said, I do hold a certain reverence for it and its place in the hearts of those who hold it dear to theirs. It comes as no surprise, unfortunately, that R. Kelly has a new song titled "Religious." Briefly, because I refuse to devote any more time to this buffoon than I have to, R. Kelly is drawing a comparison to the woman he loves by singing that "there's something church about you." I'm so totally not kidding, though I wish I were. Comparing women to inanimate objects back in the day just wasn't enough for you, huh Kells? Prepare for this song to either get panties in a bunch or taken off quick-fast by those who scored 700 or less on their SATs. You can hear it here. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Johnta Austin has a similar song which was featured on a few episodes of JD's vlog.Prefered that one more this,its aight atleast Kelz aint autotuning himself and prancing around like he was 21 again.Nothing special about this song tho,R kelly to me has lost his shine,the soul that once made him great,

  2. Enough. I had enough of him when I found out he was a pedophile, but a lot of people still loved him (which I will never understand). And for those "fans" for whom pedophilia was not enough of a reason to stop listening to this idiot - I feel sad for you that this is what you've been waiting for. Any adult who doesn't feel offended that this ... Read Moremoron says "religious," "church," and "nigger" all in the same ballad - or that he says "nigger" in ANY ballad... I just feel sorry for you. And not offended spiritually, just offended as an adult. Are we still this juvenile in our musical taste? And at 46 you're still saying "you're my girl"??? Well yeah, I guess you are if you date 12 year olds. He's stupid - and a pedophile and now he's proven it with another ridiculous, sophomoric, metaphor-ridden composition. Boooooooooooo!!! STFD and STFU R. Kelly.

  3. There's a special place in hell for Robert Kelly........Dude is a sick pedophile and should be either forcefully castrated or locked up.

  4. I wish R Kelly would just go away.

  5. It will be a blessed day when we don't have to hear any more music from this creature. He's like a cockroach, he just keeps coming back, pestering us all...

  6. My first thought was, "Something real bad is going to happen to R. Kelly!" But then I recused my self of that thought and thinking. That was brought on by my church and dogma filled upbringing. I have long released any notions of hell. By the same token you just don't play with peoples collective notions of religion, church, god, etc. so tepidly. Or for the sake of your 'game.' He knows exactly what he's doing and the stir it will cause. I think my bigger question is; Who? Who did what to Robert Kelly to make him act this way? Something deep in his past that he can't reconcile. Something is leading him deeper and deeper into an abyss of his own creation. I pray for all the children he encounters, sycophantic brothers, and women that pass within peeing range of this mother------! He aint right.

  7. I totally agree with you all, but what has me stumped is that he wrote some incrediable stuff in the past. Such as: I believe I can fly, You are not alone & Whitney Houston's current track I look to you! Why oh why would he put this crap out. Not alone, why would the record label allow it.

  8. R. Kelly is just straight 'nignant'.

  9. I don't have the stomach to listen to it right now. Just reading about it made my insides recoil.

  10. Yall must have some pretty sad lives, cause yall are obviously judgin him by his past actions (which he was found INNOCENT of) & not this song! This song is HOTTT & any TRUE chritian knows that love & religion goes hand in hand! If a woman has sumn church about her that a metaphore for being a good thing, a woman who you would want a family with. Great song yall are purley HATING of Kells!!!

  11. You opinion has been nullified because you misspelled Christian...

  12. No R Kelly fan but if we are going to blast retarded behavior and songs by our entertainers let's not stop with Kelly. You can add Russell and his lust for pubescent women including Kimora, Micheal's woes, Maxwell's Pretty Wings-(some of those models look extremely young) and we can go on.
    You don't have to be religious to expect common decency from our entertainers.

  13. Putting aside the pedo charges (after all, he wasn't the first singer to chase young meat), R. Kelly represents everything I absolutely hate about modern R&B and all the standards that made it such unlistenable trash. Yeah, I know that I'm supposed to STOP HATIN' and see his imbecilic lyrics about having sex in the kitchen next to the buttered rolls, his trite attempts at 'inspirational music', and the embarrassment known as "Trapped In The Closet" and see it as something worthy of the title "MUSICAL GENIUS". Sorry, people--I CAN'T. You can type the word HATER until your fingers fall off, and you'll be no closer to convincing me that his music is anything but garbage.

  14. R. Kelly Is The Man and he's back! I can't wait for his album "UNTITLED" on December 1st!!!

  15. hi there! i couldnt agree with you more when it comes to your disdain for r. kelly's sick behavior! he has said and done many things to women that make my stomach turn. however twisted he is, i just wanted to shed some light on the term "church". he was actually using the word "church" as an adjective, as opposed to it's typical use as a noun. "church" and "churchy"are slangs often used in the christian community to describe someone with strong faith or of a religious or spiritual persuasion. and depending on the context, it is also often used in a negative way, to describe someone who is fanatical, spiritually rigid or self righteous. sooooooooo, that being said, do you like the song any better? yeah, he's a troubled jerk, but i cant deny that this song is AMAZING.


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