Aaron Hall Gets In Touch With His Furrier Side In ‘Rehab’

I love Aaron Hall. His voice instantly makes me reminisce about my childhood and gives me warm, fuzzy feelings all over. I don't get very star struck over most people but witnessing Faith perform an impromptu duet with him last New Year's Eve nearly brought me to tears while simultaneously screaming like a banshee. Most of us know him as an R&B crooner, but as Aaron himself explains in "Aaron Hall's Dog Rehab", he's been known as a "dog whisperer" for quite some time. Judging by the 10 minute long clip, Aaron not only has a way with dogs in English, but also in Spanish, Vietnamese, Farsi, and German. It's pretty amazing to watch. In the day and age when celebrities have done things less dignified to maintain some semblance of importance in the public eye, it's nice to see someone actually using his natural-born talents to bring happiness to others' lives. 

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4 Responses

  1. I remember all the celebs bringing their Rotts to him to train back in the day.

  2. If he gets a show and uses his music during the show, he'll get an upgrade in royalty payments. Smart business decision.

  3. I think it is dope and a gift that he can do that. I don't know anyone that can get a dog to do what Aaron can do. So, I wish dude the best and success.

  4. Ill Mami - great video dear - suprised i didnt see you in it 🙂


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