After Nearly A Decade, Sade Is Back

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill. Sade is making inroads to your ears with a new album, Soldier of Love, dropping February 8th. We haven't heard a drop of new music since the 2000 release of Lovers Rock and while there are no leaked tracks, which is a typical 21st century marketing tactic, I can already feel the anticipation bubbling across the internet.

And do you see this cover?! It's like Helen Sade Adu is coming out of the jungles of Zamunda after 40 days of hunting wild zebra to reclaim her throne of all things raw, sultry, seductive and undeniably sexy about soul music. Nevertheless, I can't wait to hear the latest additions to their already legendary catalog.


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  2. Holy fuck. I think I just peed on myself.

  3. That album cover is striking.

  4. i literally gasped. yay! i love me some sade. man, that cover is gorgeous. what a classy woman.

  5. Would this be a good time to touch myself, or must I wait until February?
    Don't let there be no remix worthy joints on here... Lawd...

  6. That album cover....PERFECTION. This is some fantastic news.
    Hurry up 2010, get here!

  7. This is some serious news. 2010 is gonna be great, i can feel it. so excited!

  8. I can already hear everyone's immediate response, on this year's BART podcast, when Fave asks, "So what are you looking forward to in 2010?" Can't. Wait.

  9. !!!! EEEEK!!!!!
    Lovin the cover....
    Who can come out with an album every 10 years?? She is so fresh!

  10. I'm psyched! Thanks for the 'heads up'

  11. THANK

  12. This broad has been so over rated it's not funny. Her first album was the shit but so was Terence Trent D'arbys and we know how that ended................Helen Sade adu was hot back in the day but now I rides with Goapele.

  13. The love I have for this woman's music and creativity....I can't even begin to explain. She was my first foray into what I guess you'd call jazzy-soul-neo-r&b.
    Goapele is the ish, but only the princess to Lady Sade's queenly throne!

  14. Over, rated?
    Methinks thou hast been blinded by some rift in the space time continuum.
    "Thats like saying I think Sarah Vaughn is over rated. I'm rollin' with Anita Baker."
    ( not REALLy...but you get my point )
    And remember my friend. Sade is the group. It's the collaboration of all of them that contributed to the successful redefining of soul music. Without dear Helen we may have never heard Stuart (Matthewman) and hence you sou soul seekers would not be drooling over Maxwell in the same way.

  15. My heart jump skipped ten beats when I saw this.......
    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I've been excited since you guys posted that Maxwell said she was in the studio! But that album cover makes it official I cannot wait. Stoneyisland your not even speaking English to me right now, I have no clue where your coming from. I like both ladies and have seen both ladies live and while Goapele is good she is NO Sade. No one could ever be.

  17. Wow! we gotta lotta Sade lovers up in this piece:) To say that no one could ever be as good as Sade is a bold statement. I'm forward that comment to Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle. They will get back with you shortly Neenee:) I stand by my statement, I swear I dont know who takes longer to put out albums, her or D'angelo..............

  18. O.k., I know I'mma hear it for this comment, but......
    This news does nothing for me. In fact, Sade's singing does nothing for me. I think her band (Sweetback) is hot, but I've never felt her.

  19. Oh snap! I can't wait! RE: "... I dont know who takes longer to put out albums, her or D'angelo..." Um, we all know why D'Angelo is taking a while. I wish him good health and I hope he's been taking care of his voice.
    P.S.: Without Sade, Sweetback might have had a harder time getting their break. I'm ji sayin'. They were "Sade" before they became "Sweetback".

  20. Sun Diva, Im with you. I have never understood the Sade love. She thoroughly bores me. But I'm happy for others who are happy 🙂

  21. Great news. It's about time!

  22. Love her. I can't wait. I don't get why ppl who don't like her comment on a thread about her?


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