Alicia Shines With Altered ‘State of Mind’

I've always loved remixes because they gave a song you might love and new sound, a new edge, a new flavor, so that you wouldn't get tired of it. And after weeks of listening to, repping for, and losing my voice trying to sing Jay-Z & Alicia Keys' Billboard-topping "Empire State of Mind," something fresh this way has come. Yup, this is the remix! Tuesday night, during a live performance at PC Richard & Sons Theater in Tribeca as part of the Stripped series for iHeart Radio, A. Keys unveiled "Empire State of Mind (Part II)." This time, the track, which will appear on her new album, The Element of Freedom, is much more mellow, with the former Hell's Kitchen resident taking us on a nice, long walk through the city that never sleeps. This version harkens back to Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind," and that's a good thing, except with a decided hip hop edge. All in all, I love it. New Yooooooooork lives on.

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  1. Instrumentation, background vocalist...WONDERFUL. Alicia's delivery...NOT SO MUCH. She always seems like she's struggling, to get her notes out. Something tells me, vocal lessons would do her well.


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