Anthony Valadez Catches Synesthesia On ‘Audio / Visual’

Anthony Valadez has been a consistent force on LA's underground Soul and Hip Hop scene for as long as I can remember. Ever grinding as a on-air host at KCRW and always in the mix, Anthony is always the person you imagine that always has musical notes swirling around his head as he tries to find the perfect mix to bring people who love music all together under one groove. Luckily, he released Audio / Visual: Sounds Inspired By All Things Visual yesterday so that we can now all catch a glimpse of what those musical notes sound like when gathered into discernible songs. The whole album is definitely worth a listen. Thus far, my favorite track is "Fire Fly" featuring the lovely Kissey Asplund. I swear I always gravitate towards melancholia when it comes to music and try to blame it on the changing of the seasons or something like that. So in closing I'll just say that this track's hushed tone is reflective of how it'll make you feel. If I had synesthesia and this album were a color, it would be a deep azure, not a moody blue. Hopefully, this is exactly what Anthony set out to make us all feel and see. 

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