Bask In More Yukimi As You Pay Tribute To Her

I know I'm not the only person smitten with Yukimi Nagano, a full year and change after discovering her existence. Since falling in love with the Little Dragon frontwoman, I have poured over her discography, trying to grab what bits and pieces I could find to stitch them together into something that made sense. While I'm happy with what I currently possess, it lacks the sonic cohesion that a mix manages bring together. Luckily, my desires can be fulfilled with Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q's A Tribute To Yukimi Nagano. This mix is blended very well and the transitions are seamless and organic. It's a lovely reminder of how wistfully beautiful her voice is, the closest this generation may have to--gasp!--Helen Folasade Adu. Download this with the quickness and tell all your friends. Tracklisting and download info after the bounce. 

  • Koop - Whenever There Is You
  • Ge-ology - Blues Alley
  • Little Dragon - No Love
  • Quartermaine - Mystic Qool Breeze
  • Little Dragon - After The Rain
  • Little Dragon - Feather
  • Shuya Okino - Pieces of You
  • Little Dragon - Forever
  • Koop - Summer Sun
  • Little Dragon - Thunder Love
  • Hird - Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix)
  • Swell Session - The Music in Her Eyes
  • Koop - I See A Different You
  • Jafrosax - Drawn 2 U
  • Little Dragon - Never Never


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3 Responses

  1. Every time I hear Yukimi sing I just get happy, even on a slow song. Her voice is such a delight!

  2. I didn't realize that was her that sang, "Summer Sun" That song is a classic. I was fortunate/unfortunate (depends on who you ask) to spend time in Goteborg (they pronounce it [Yo-te-borg]) following a knee surgery, it it a extremely Gothic looking and depressing town. I like the attitude of the peoplein the West of the country. Weird how the swedes grasp songwriting and composition of pop and r&b. Trust me they have a lot more coming...

  3. I like a lot of Little Dragon but when I heard her live this summer, much was left to be desired...


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