Focus And Phonte Stay Grinding Through This ‘Recession’

Producer extraordinaire Focus and the forever multitasking Phonte bring you the tragic tale of a baller whose budget takes a fatal blow from dainty, manicured hands. "Recession" is the first single from Focus' Avant Garde Project, scheduled to drop next year. On this track, Phonte finally steps out of his midrange tenor comfort zone and comes with some singing acrobatics not found on previous collaborations. Losing money is already painful; but losing it in the name of tainted love is excruciating:

"It's hard enough finding love these days/everyone in this world is looking for affection/and I can see through your ways/you ain't trying to stay/you're my personal recession."

With a heart throbbing kick drum, sweeping synths and ambient guitar solo ending, Focus comes with it on the production that carries an unspoken truth: 99.999% of men's confidence--whether they admit it or not--is directly related to their fiscal prowess. As Phonte broke down, "I did it all because I thought that's what made me a man."

Can you dig it? Give it a listen and let us know.


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7 Responses

  1. sorry its straight up wierd. thats just my opinion.

  2. great track!! phonte is the man!!

  3. I like!
    Phonte is (thankfully) everywhere at the moment ... the extended FE crew could take over the entire music industry and just output their own stuff and I would be a happy man.
    Looking forward to his solo debut next year!

  4. I don't know. Phonte' is one cat I put in the same box as Raphael Saadiq: Their (singing) voices are so unusual that sometimes they sound perfect on some songs and other tunes, they sound straight bizarre. I believe this one is a miss. And this is from a guy who's a definite fan of Little Brother, The Foreign Exchange & those Zo!/Phonte' projects.

  5. souns like a Peter Hadar song

  6. I love it.
    I'm truly diggin this track right here!