Get Your Drink And Fly Gypsy Got Your ‘2 Step’

The organic nature of good music can be so hot that its steam blurs our vision and dissolves our preconceived labels of race, culture and other social boundaries. This is what you experience when immersed in the sound of Washington, DC-based duo Fly Gypsy. The Russian-born producer, Alexei Jandayi and Jamaican-born MC Kowboy Kom will release their new EP, Change for a Dollar, on December 1st. Their Earth, Wind & Fire-sampled single, "2 Step," is a solid hat tip to classic soul with Alexei's Hip Hop beat swarmed by continuous game spittin' by Kowboy Kom. This is the joint that will have your drink swaying in the air as you "rock all night like Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits." Fly Gypsy has the key element for musical success: a hunger for excellence that is sure to catapult them towards their creative destiny.

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1 Response

  1. Damn! I'm trying to find my way back to good music after being kidnapped by the flowing garbage that plays on the radio. I found your blog and I'm here to stay. I feel so late! LOL!
    Thank you for washing off the stench of what is "hot" right now.
    This feels like home.