Go ‘Bang Bang’ With Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona would like to introduce you to her Lucy. After the alluring first ten seconds of the video for "Bang Bang" you may or may not care that she's talking about a gun. Maybe. She doesn't care, though. This video is a slick sass-fest that has the feel of a heist flick without the chase. In a good way. "Bang Bang" has energy to spare, and Fiona is fun to watch as she messes with the her bandmates in a line up, clicks through images of herself on an old-school projector, uses a shirtless guy as a back rest and various other scenarios in which she's a certifiable bad-ass.


1 Response

  1. Bang Bang??? WTF? babygirl is eye candy no doubt but I wouldnt pay 2 cents to purchase her music.