If You ‘Don’t Love’ Mary ‘This Way,’ Who Will?

The first week into the Month of Mary, you all have been hopefully dazzled with sounds from Mary J. Blige's classic My Life. But as any fan of Mary knows, there are a plethora of bonus cuts that somehow find their way to you which were never intended for distribution on her final recorded releases. That being said, feast your ears on this bonus track from Love & Life, a cover of the Jackson 5's "If I Don't Love You This Way." I am highly particular about who I choose to endorse when it comes to a cover of any one of Michael Jackson's songs. Mary does not disappoint with this track and manages to channel a restrained desperation that at once sounds as though she is in control of her emotions yet on the brink of completely losing it. In other words, classic MJB. You'll see once you press play. 

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  1. Nice....another track I hadn't heard...Thanks SB for sharing:)