Izzi Dunn Puts Her ‘T&A’ On The Screen

Izzi Dunn is making a lot of positive noise from across the pond these days. Her latest single, "Tits and Ass," is provocative and enlightening, but her video gives a more vivid picture (no pun intended). While I appreciate the sexy silhouettes and dance moves, I can't ignore how Izzi breaks it down on the lyrical tip. See for yourself after the bounce.

After the bounce

Don't let the title fool you, there's a message in the melody and the imagery.

Izzi Dunn [Official]


4 Responses

  1. Damn! Food for your mind & groove for your ass! See? I knew it could be done again!!! There is STILL more to music than just the empty-headed nonsense of Lil' Wayne & others of his ilk. Let there be balance, y'all!!!

  2. This kind of catchy, dont know if i would bang it in my whip but izzi is the funkiest white chick from across the pond since Lisa Stansfield

  3. And she's playing the cello?
    I'm sold.

  4. Wow. What rock have I been under? The production is so sick, especially the string arrangement. I need more...