Jesse Boykins III Has Mad Love For ‘Chanel’

I have such a musical crush on Jesse Boykins III. Granted, I'm old enough to be his sassy aunt who wears seductive dresses and always has candy on the ready, but I really dig his sound. To date, there isn't one song I've heard from him that I haven't instantly liked. Including this one. "Chanel Part 2: Spirit Dilla" is a song title I don't fully comprehend, but I don't care. It's ultra-smooth--surprise!--and was produced by the prolific Daru. After one listen, I'm sold. Again, no surprise there. Prepare for something both lovely and unsurprising by taking a listen below. 

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2 Responses

  1. I'm guessing the song title refers to the track being produced "in the spirit of J-Dilla" with the drum pattern and chord progressions.

  2. I messes with this cat, specially after that Uggs to Hugs joint with my main man Kel Spencer


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