Mary J. Blige Brings Order To The AMAs

Last night's American Music Awards telecast was a circus. Between J-Lo falling down during what was supposed to be her triumphant return to the stage and Lady Gaga's fiery piano and Rihanna's flashing lights shoulder pads, the ladies were running this muthafather...into the ground. One of the few females keeping the show from drowning was Mary J. Blige, who stood above the rest in her six-inch heels and sang her new single, "I Am." While the song had to grow on me, the performance sure didn't. It was simple, yet effective. Grown folks music. Those other females should take notes. You know, in between prat falls and lighting firecrackers. Take a peek below, as the Month of Mary rolls on.

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8 Responses

  1. Harlem, I concur. The AMA's was an utter fiasco, but Mary was the saving grace. She looked fabulous, and her performance shined. I've liked "I Am" from the beginning, but after hearing it live, I love it, even more. Mary's moment is a great reminder that sometimes 'less is more'!

  2. This show last night was HAM and its for the kids. I feel like I am too old to watch this show and I am only 29. I remember back in the 80s I would beg my mom to let me watch the AMAs because I thought they were better than the Grammys. 20 plus years later and I conclude that I am done with ALL awards shows. Too much drama in the acts and concentration on vocals came last. I still don't get the hype about Rihanna. I am over this HARD good girl gone demon act - she is not a good performer rather than an actress going through the motions. I would love to hear Janet Jackson sing a ballad - I stan hard for Janet Jackson since the age of 6 (in fact "The Knowledge" is playing on my iPod as I type this) but there comes a time when you should put the dances in the closet. Shakira watched "Stomp The Yard" about two years too late. I can't. This show was a mess but why I couldn't turn the channel is like everybody else - we like to sit around and critique. Adam Lambert - have a seat and do some rock opera, Simon Cowell set you up.

  3. Why isnt anyone talking about how bad, Rihanna's performance was? Mary was the saving grace!!

  4. I saw the last half of the awards and i wwas not impressed. The two shining stars were MJB as everyone has noted. i liked the song and she kept it classy. I also, surprisingly, like whitney's song. She sounded much better than I expected- she stayed in her current voacl range without trying to recapture the notes of yesteryear. Her voice waivered like once, but all in all, she sounded and looked good. I was happy for her.
    She and Mary J. stuck to singing and avoided all the "over-the-top" theatrics everyobody else did. And it worked for them both!

  5. You know, I'm actually over thirty but I swear, some of you really sound old! There's a lot to be said for theatrical live performances and I think what Janet, Lady GaGa and BEP did was actually pretty excellent. Mary isn't a great singer by any stretch of the imagination so she needed some choreography for her performance.

    Choreography? lol It's a mid-tempo track. Sounding old is not the issue. I thoroughly enjoyed Janet's, Jay's, Alicia's and Black Eye Peas performances. However, Rihanna and Lady Ga Ga were just excessive and tacky.

  7. @ Langston:
    "Mary isn't a great singer by any stretch of the imagination." Wow. Just waiting for the backlash...