Mary J. Blige’s ‘Seven Days’ Remix Flips The Script

As the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige has built an impressive catalog of gully dance grooves and deep slow jams. But did you know that her remix game over the years is also ridiculously off the hook? I'm talking about a true remix: where the music and lyrics are re-invented to advance the original concept--giving you a new dimension of aural satisfaction.

"Seven Days" was written and produced by Malik Pendleton and featured on Mary's Share My World
LP in 1997. This soul-stirring ballad centered around two friends who
took their bond to an intimate level and now they must determine the
next step in their relationship. If you've never unexpectedly slipped
out of the friend zone into the bedroom, Mary paints the picture for
you. Her emotions of confusion, passion, sincerity and fear pour from
her raspy alto as George Benson supplies the melodic interpretation of her angst in delicately placed guitar riffs:

"I never thought that I / Would fall in love with you / But since the day we kissed, I knew it had to be you."

Mary J. Blige feat. George Benson: "Seven Days"

The "Seven Days Remix," released in the UK, highlights a more
streetwise Mary breaking down the situation against the backdrop of new
music with jazzier rhythm (the original is in 4/4 while the remix is in 3/4 time--for your music theory heads). The humble hints of perplexity found in the original lyrics are replaced with much grittier undertones:

"Don't claim yo' ass is ready when you're not / 'Cause if u play me out / I'll blow up your spot."

Yeah, that sounds like the Mary we know. And while the energy in her
remix detours from the subtleties of the original, it does retain the
sultry execution and demonstrates her versatility within a subject

Mary J. Blige: "Seven Days Remix"

As we continue to celebrate our Queen during the Month of Mary, I
encourage you to marinate on the original and the remix and share your
thoughts on them in the comments.

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7 Responses

  1. I dont know where SB keeps getting these photo's but if there is a finer woman alive then Mary in this photo, please show her to me.............I want Mary more then i did the first pair of Jordans back in 85:)

  2. I was almost (ALMOST) impressed by MJB because I thought your tweet meant that she was doing a version of Sting's "Seven Days" which is done in 7/4 (yes I'm a music theory head). That would have been impressive.
    This is just ok although anytime you can find a way to work in some George Benson, that's a serious get and it can only elevate your track.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about MJB's remix game. I didn't know she kept her remix hand that strong! I'll have to look into this further.

  4. Thanks for posting the remix. I have not heard it before. It's definitely more of what I can groove to. The original is good but pretty slow rhythm.

  5. This wasn't just a UK remix -- quite a few urban stations in the US got their hands on this, too. It definitely wasn't as played as the album version, but I remember hearing this during the "quiet storm" hour on my local station a time or two.

  6. Can I just say that I appreciate this month of MJB so much! This song reminds me of how much I used to listen to the Share My World cassette day in and day out. I absolutely love this song; such a real song about love and relationships.
    One love ♥

  7. The first time I hear this version was actually on US Television. Mary was my woman from '92 until '08. During those early years, I would VHS tape any clip of Mary on any TV show or awards show.
    So, I have a taping of The Chris Rock Show (talk show) that aired on HBO. Mary was promoting Share My World and sang THIS remix version of "Seven Days"...of course it was live, so you know Mary tore it up! Chris Rock said something crazy...he even interviewed Mary.
    This same version is on The Tour album from '97...I've only heard it live, thanks for sharing the studio version.
    I need to get my VHS stuff digital!