Mary’s ‘Star’ Shines Bright In The Bronx Night

As a native New Yorker, I'd just like the record to show that the World Champion New York Yankees were undefeated when they had soul superstars represent during their pre-game ceremonies. We all know how Jay-Z & Alicia Keys literally set the stage for a big win in Game 2. However, give the Yankees credit for recruiting John Legend to sing that game's national anthem, as well as last night's Game 6 crooner, Yonkers' own Mary J. Blige, getting her "Star Spangled Banner" on. Now, I'm not saying that's why they won it all, defeating the overwhelmed Philadelphia Phillies in six games. I'm just saying that it's looking like less and less of a coincidence. In case you missed it, below is Mary's performance. Enjoy, and if you're where I am, get ready for the parade. [H/T: RR]

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3 Responses

  1. Am I the only one who hears, Mary sounding like Aretha at various parts of the song????, especially that first note "the word, Oh" and especially at 2:10-2:13 on the run? and other parts of the song.

  2. Great job, MJB!!!!

  3. The smirk at 2:20... priceless.


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