‘My Life’ At 15: ‘I Love You’

I wish you'd change your ways soon enough/ So we can be together/
You just don't understand good love/ But now all we have is memories...

Finally, we've reached the point where Mary is just about ready to let go. I mean, she has no choice. She's finally getting the fact that her man is gone and not coming back. After all the begging and pleading that apparently fell on deaf ears, she's preparing herself to move on. In time. But not before one last round of "I love you's," one last attempt to set the record straight, to recall the good memories. Which is natural. I mean, understanding that the relationship is past the point of no return is one thing. Actually letting go for your own good is something totally different. But it's happening. Finally. And we love it. The ode to getting over it is backed beautifully by Chucky Thompson, who sampled skillfully from Isaac Hayes' classic track "Ike's Mood." It serves as a perfect backdrop for this overdue Dear John letter. One that will undoubtedly signal a new beginning for our downtrodden diva. Help her get on with her life. Help her to create better spring memories to love.


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3 Responses

  1. Loved this cut as well, because Chucky used the same sped up sample of "Ike's Mood" that Marly Marl used for Biz Markie's "Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz".

  2. Such passion delivered, in this track. An aching beauty.
    "Little spring memories, I know you can hear me, now...For the record: I LOVE YOOOOOU!

  3. I can only listen to the remix with Smiff N Wessun, but I love this song.


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