‘My Life’ At 15: ‘I Never Wanna Live Without You’

"I never wanna live without you, baby / I wanna be your lady / Love is so amazing"

One of the standouts on an already stellar album, "I Never Wanna Live Without You" is amongst a handful of tracks that can be considered Mary J. Blige's best songs ever. True story. If you don't love this song, then I truly wonder about you. Produced by the winning trifecta of Herb Middleton, Chucky Thompson and Sean "Puffy" Combs and co-written by Mary, Big Bub of Today fame and Faith Evans, who also held down background vocals with MJB, this song is as close to perfect as they come. Yes, Mary J. managed to sing about the same topic throughout the majority My Life, yet no two songs sounded alike nor were we tired of hearing her lamentations. Mary sings "I Never Wanna Live Without You" as if she's waiting for the other shoe to drop.
This is the man she's wanted for so long. This is the man who she's prayed for. This is the man with with warm embrace and sweet, sweet taste. This is The One. But she's losing sleep. She can barely eat. She doesn't want to be alone. She wants to weather the storm. Are her feelings in vain? Because to hear her tell it, "I know someday you're going away." Damn. This track explores the intricacies of a relationship that may or may not last, despite her best efforts to love as hard as she can. And we could all relate, which was no surprise because in so many ways Mary's "My Life" held a mirror up to our lives. 


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4 Responses

  1. Now this is my favorite Mary J. joint! As I've stated on a previous comment, I was going through a breakup at the time of the My Life release, so I was running the gamut of emotions that Mary was pouring out into this cd. But this song in particular did it for me. "Baby won't you stay with me a little while? Don't leave". "I need your warm embrace, I need your sweet sweet taste, baby..." "Stay with meeeeeee, stay stay (don't leave)....." Every refrain was killer! Then on the outro, "Please stay, don't you go nowhere..." I was spent, do you hear me? Drained me. Like KRS One said, "Broken down the very last compound!

  2. This is the song that spoke to me on this album...the one I kept on repeat....and still listen to now. This album came out when I was in college and I was definitely feeling alot of the emotions on this album but this one right here was my go to.

  3. I used to keep this joint, on REPEAT!

  4. This was my ABSOLUTE favorite cut on the album. It made me feel little a good way. Only because the tenderness affected me so deeply then...still today even. This was one of the first albums that the background vocal was so prominent in the success of the record for me. Shout out to Faith!