‘My Life’ At 15: ‘I’m The Only Woman’

"I'm The Only Woman" was such a perfect fit hot young thangs such as myself who loved it when we first heard it. My Life was full of pleading masterfully disguised as strength and catharsis and this track was no different. All Mary wanted K-Ci--we all know the whole album was about him--to do was to recognize that she was the sh*t. All she wanted him to be able to do was treat her with respect. Why can't you understand that if you leave, all of my dreams of us sharing a life together will never come to fruition? So what if I spazzed out on you the other night? Am I not entitled to that sometimes? You know how you act. Sigh. In any case, Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love" sampled for Mary J. Blige's "I'm The Only Woman" is not a coincidence. In fact, "I'm The Only Woman" seems the perfect foil to Curtis' seminal classic, no? All Curtis and Mary want is to give you their love in exchange for yours unyielding. Is that so hard? Damn.

Oh, Mary. I completely understand. It's called your first true love. And chances are, that person is not the person you'll share your life with. This is called growth. And growth hurts. Love hurts. But hopefully not forever. We all know you eventually found the love of your life. And just as My Life was the soundtrack to our early love lives, "I'm The Only Woman" is yet another chronicle in a past we may not live daily, but nonetheless will never forget.

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  1. The first verse set the tone:
    I gave my heart to you
    What more can I do
    To show you how much I care
    About you and all the little things you do
    But see all I ask is that you make me feel like
    I'm somebody
    All day, all day, everyday, give your lovin' away

    You knew you were in for a ride right then and there!

  2. Man!! This whole album STILL gets played to death but this track here?! This one always made me have the ugly face while listening to it. Classic! I still get chills. thanks ill mami for the nostalgia. 😀

  3. OH EM GEE... this song still gives me chills. It's my favorite Mary J. Blige song. They not only sampled, they re-created the CM sound and put a raw energy on it in the form of Mary's raspy vocals. *sigh* This is the Mary I fell in love with.

  4. keep it up! I wonder if you all are going to feature my favorite songs from this CD, which were never singles. hmm we shall see.

  5. Ahhh-the Perennial losing battle of trying to convince someone that you are 'the one' for him/her. This is definitely the anthem for someone experiencing that angst...

  6. one of my favorites from MJB.......

  7. you're damn right. THIS IS CALLED GROWTH, AND GROWTH HURTS AND LOVE HURTS. thank you all soulbounce guys for putting so many useful and nice information. i always translate them into chinese on my blog, so any help jjust let me know.
    keep doing that sh*t.

  8. I always thought she was saying "Dont be a fool like your daddy...if you wanna be happy." I still dont know exactly what she's saying.

  9. @ K. Rock
    lol I always thought the same thing. I think that it is actually
    "Don't be a fool like you have me/If you want to be happy


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