‘My Life’ At 15: ‘Mary Jane (All Night Long)’

"Ooooo, baby / Not tonight / I don't want to fuss and fight / I just want to make it right..."

And with those lyrics, it was on. The first track on My Life, "Mary Jane (All Night Long)" set the tone for what would be the project's central theme: We fight too much. Don't love enough. The mere fact that Mary J. Blige had to almost beg her lover to "come into her bedroom" spoke volumes of where the relationship was. And how perfect was the music? Sean "Puffy" Combs, Chucky Thompson and The Hitmen brilliantly mixed The Mary Jane Girls' "All Night Long" with Rick James' "Mary Jane" and sprinkled some "Close the Door" by Teddy Pendergrass in for good measure--three songs that would go on anyone's slow jam tape. The seductive beats reiterated Mary's pleas, as if to say, "Come on, boy. Get with all of this." And he wouldn't. Which was the story of Mary's life. One that we were now ready to read from cover to cover.


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10 Responses

  1. That entire album was fire! I wore that cd out, and had to buy a second.

  2. "My Life" simply solidified Mary's GREATNESS. I'll forget her performance of this song the "Soultrain Awards". She was wearing a white suit, with black boots, and it was a rare occasion, when she actually had a dance routine...That kick was gangsta! LOL

  3. It should have read:
    "I'll never forget her performance of this song, @ the "Soul Train Awards".

  4. Soulrific, I had to buy three! I scratched the first two cds. thank goodness its now on the ipod!

  5. Reecie, mine was full of scratches as well. I kept "I Never Wanna Live Without You" on repeat for the longest time. That song right there just spoke to my soul. I was breaking up with someone at the time and that song spoke volumes. Plus Mary's voice on the vamp of the outro when she goes, "I need your warm embrace, I need your sweet sweet taste......" DAMN! Still gives me shivers.

  6. Cant front this was one of the joints off the album that I absolutely was bananas about. Even today, you throw this on and people start heading out to the dance floor

  7. This album was an emotional roller coaster. More than any other MJB album, we were able to ride with Mary through the struggles going on in her life, over beats that spoke to our nostalgia and our hearts. I know, personally, I played this album daily for over a year solid.

  8. Love this song.... love the entire album actually. Miss the 90's like crazyy

  9. Truly my favorite cd by her! So far it is My Life, Growing Pains, What's the 411and The Breakthrough. We'll see what Stonger is all about. But boy, My Life is that joint...can lsiten to it all the way skips or stops.

  10. Soulrific, to this day "I Never Wanna Live Without You" is the most played song by far on my iPod! Faith and Mary together just does something to my soul!! "baaaaby won't you staaaay with me a little while..."
    Soul Bounce, thank you for this series! I'm looking forward to enjoying the posts all month long 🙂


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