Quiet Bounce: ‘Hey Now,’ Carl Thomas Did More Than ‘Wish’

Ten years ago, Carl Thomas enhanced the Bad Boy Entertainment franchise with the #1 R&B hit single, "I Wish" from his debut LP, Emotional. I invite you to dig further into this album and discover a soulful gem yearning to rise from obscurity and find its deserving place in your slow jam library. "Hey Now" has the perfect blend of jazz piano chords, moaning strings, subtle guitar riffs and a beat reminiscent of deep breathing in the midst of passion. Carl's voice captures a longing that can only be quenched by the total surrendering of mind, body and soul. [Photo: D-Nice]

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4 Responses

  1. Pretty much, anything Carl Thomas does is a sure thing. "Emotional" was just a enjoyable and solid release, from start to finish. Love this dudes vocal execution, and he always seems to choose songs that enhance that gift.

  2. "Lady Lay Your Body" is a beautiful song of that album as well!! That album is really smooth.

  3. I absolutely love this album! Paid £20 for an import copy back in the day. Carl Thomas didn't really go anywhere commercially from here though which was a shame.

  4. I believe Carl Thomas has Caribbean roots.


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