Quiet Bounce: Just A Lover Out To Score

This is the week for us to be thankful. For everything, from being able to wake up in the morning to being with the ones we love. You could say being thankful is what we live for. Unfortunately, that's not the case for everyone. Take Deniece Williams, for example. Back in 1981, not only didn't she count herself thankful, she thought herself to be silly. For thinking she could ever be with the man she loved. To think that combing her hair or pouring some wine would make him notice her. And the way she breaks it down, calling him "just a lover out to score," saying that she should definitely be looking for much more, even going so far as asking love to no longer make a fool out of her...All of this makes us feel thankful that we're not her. So, during this week of Thanksgiving, take a listen to Niecey's "silly" plight, say a prayer for those like her, and continue to count your blessings.

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  1. my favorites from ms williams were "free" "baby my love's all for you" That one gospel cut- title slips my mind, and her work with mmm his name escapes me, the guy who sings chances are, you know the duets, too much too little too late and the theme from that show that michael j fox was on...damn it is a trip getting old!! two point each for anyone who knows what i am talking about!

  2. The name which escapes you is Johnny Mathis.


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