Quiet Bounce: Lose Control

Boy meets girl and they fall in love. Life happens, arguments ensue and feelings are damaged. Only the right kind of slow jam can create an atmosphere of reconciliation that not only rights the wrongs, but elevates the passion between them. Silk created such a jam with "Lose Control"--a magical ballad filled with all the sensuality needed to redirect your heart from the wrong turns of love. Tim Cameron, Jimmy Gates, Gary "Big G" Glenn, Jonathen "John-John" Rasboro, and frontman Gary "Lil G" Jenkins harmonized this hit more than sixteen years ago. Press play and you'll discover that its melodious luster can still shine in the moonlight of your next session.

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3 Responses

  1. Back in the day when Madeline Woods used to host Video LP, Silk performed this song acoustic with just Lil G playing the piano. Lawd, somebody needs to find that video clip! They gave a dynamic performance.

  2. These were some SANGIN' brothas. WHAT HAPPENED????

  3. Don't Go To Bed Mad then Lose Control ends all the drama!!!!