Quiet Bounce: Standing On The Verge Of Breaking Up Or Making Love

Van Hunt's "Down Here in Hell (With You)" feels particularly timely right now. We're descending into the end-of-year holidays during an unrelenting recession. Everyone is digging in, situations are really tough, and the passion between many lovers is under strain and being tested. "Down Here in Hell" relishes in the mire, stating that it's better to trudge through together than untried and untouched but alone. Singing about how the fairy tale ending is not necessarily bad, maybe even worth something, makes Van Hunt's love song about the flip side worth a re-listening.

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6 Responses

  1. This is one of my FAVORITE Van Hunt songs.

  2. I love it...SO FUNKDAFIED!

  3. Great song! Really liked this album, but couldn't get into the one that followed.

  4. One of his few "neosoul sounding" song, I love it, I've listened to it so many times ... the music, the lyrics, everything is great !
    @ DLS77 : I thought the second album was better !

  5. You have no idea how much I stan for this man, and I love ALL his albums! even the last one

  6. What does it take to bring soulful music like this BACK to the airways and destroy the popcorn, ticky tack trap music that has flooded mainstream???? What a beautiful ballad!!!!!!