Quiet Bounce: Winter’s Here And I Ain’t Mad About It

Although this song is more in the style of a classic duet, "Take Me" is all about Teedra Moses. The way she punches and lilts her voice during the chorus, her measured loftiness in areas where she could blow Raphael Saadiq totally out of contention, she's wonderful. Listening to her on this track makes it hard to fathom how people have so thoroughly slept on Complex Simplicity. Schmaltzy orchestral strings instantly cut by dominating sitar strumming only to return much later in the song, Saadiq's warm and subdued presence that softens the rhythmic clarity with which she sings, these are but a few of the songs strengths. Add to that a refreshing, honest lyrics about rekindling romance sans melodrama and you have one of the most relatable and most beautiful love songs of the decade.

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  1. MY FAVORITE SONG on Complex Simplicity!! She was amazing in NYC last night (as always)

  2. Complex Simplicity was the best thing that came out in 2004, IMO. loved it and played the cd until I scratched it. Love Miss Moses.

  3. "one of the most relatable and most beautiful love songs of the decade"..........Thats taking things a little too far:) this is a beautiful joint but no one of top of the decade, i think not. Teedra is one of the most talented and sexy sista's doing it, it's a travesty that a talentless Rihanna and other T&A singers get all the shine..

  4. Reminds me of "Touch Me in the Morning"-era Diana Ross, that is a MASSIVE compliment. Beautiful song, album, & singer.-QH

  5. I love this song! I have it on my ipod. I hate the fact that a talent singer like her and my girl Tweet are so underrated!!

  6. Okay, so I have definitely slept on her. Thank you SB as always to hippin' me to joints I need to know. That is awesome and so speaks to me right now!

  7. Okay Complex Simplicity in playing in my car as we speak... hott album front to back and this track with Saadiq is beautiful. Great choice!


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