Quiet Bounce: You Make Me Feel Brand New

Hands down, the best radio stations I have ever heard have been in Jamaica. Their Quiet Storms can last for days, spanning the entire weekend with nary a repeated song on the playlist. Anyone who is closely acquainted with Jamaican culture knows their fondness for Soul music--and Country, but that's another post entirely--and their ability to remake any R&B hit song is unrivaled anywhere in the world. It was in Jamaica that I stumbled upon this gem from Jacob Miller who was unceremoniously taken from this world at the age of 27. Pictured here with Bob Marley, his voice was silenced prematurely right before he was scheduled to be unveiled as one of Island Records' newest artists and catapulted to international fame. There is no question as to his talent once you hear his and Inner Circle's recrafting of The Stylistics' "You Make Me Feel Brand New." Make sure you put your hip into it as you unsuspectingly sway back and forth to this Reggae love song.

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4 Responses

  1. *I'd like to make a correction: That is not Bob Marley on the guitar, it is the bass player of Inner Circle.
    I am happy to see that someone is giving reggae music and Jamaican culture some shine....Their music is very soulful, full of meaning and I have always loved it ever since I stumbled across it...Jacob Miller had an incredible voice and a promising future...RIP Killer Miller
    One love

  2. @ Inna Smith:
    You are correct. Bob Marley is not pictured above but he is pictured with Jacob Miller in the link above. Here it is for clarity.

  3. You Make Me Feel Brand New is one of my absolute favorite love songs. I like their rendition.

  4. i have this on a compilation! all (most) covers of rnb/reggae tunes. it all started back in 1988 or 89 when i heard covers of bobby browns "girl friend" and tracy chapman's baby can i hold you tonight!


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