Raekwon & Blakroc Implore You To Stay Off The Flowers. We Don’t Buy It.

Blakroc, for those unfamiliar, is the Hip Hop-Rock project consisting of The Black Keys and various artists, namely the ever-fuzzy Jim Jones. Their latest track available for public consumption pits Raekwon as the grumpy old man daring you young whippersnappers to just try and step onto his porch. Before you begin to believe the angry act, allow us to direct your attention to the graphic above. To many of you, that is the first time you have ever seen The Chef smiling. Joining along with the Crest-perfect smile is our own EIC, Butta. Raekwon may want you to "Stay Off The Fuckin' Flowers," but don't believe it. Looks like that sensitive thug is great at hugs. 

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3 Responses

  1. The graphic alone has slayed me!

  2. It's bad enuff I am overseas fighting a war that we cant win and low and behold my main squeeze butta is creeping on me:-)

  3. OMG
    You told me you were going to find a reason to post this photo one day but dammit I didn't know you were gonna go all out like this. This is friggin hilarious!!


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