Res Beautifully Proves That ‘Black.Girls.Rock!’

Res' first album was indeed a classic to those of us who prefer our Soul to consist of an amalgam of styles that are just plain good. There was no doubt that Res was a rocker girl at heart but she was also into a little bit of country, a little bit of Hip Hop, and lot a bit of anything else that struck her fancy. She's luckily remained on our radar with her collaborative input in Idle Warship with Talib Kweli and Graph Nobel. In all honesty, I only listened to their work because I have been fiending for some new Res since her first album How I Do landed in my lap literally when in was released in 2001. Thankfully, the wait for a new Res solo album is no more. Black.Girls.Rock! in short is something you really need to cop then listen to since she is giving it way for free. Think of this album as a continuation of How I Do, the transition between the two really is that amazingly seamless. Take a taste below, then feast on more by grabbing it from her website later.

Res: "For Who You Are"

Res: "Not A Pretender"


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8 Responses

  1. Sounds like she never had a gap between 2001 and now. Any knowledge on a release date?

  2. This Sheet is bangin.' This record sounds like it would have been the second disc if "How I Do' was a double record. I hated that the fact that we had to wait 8 years for a follow up, but now I'm so happy Res has finally released another record. This is going to to get steady rotation on my iphone!

  3. thanks very much!!

  4. miss her... thanks for the links

  5. Thank you thank you!!!! I can't stop this album.

  6. With so many artist on the "come back" trail, It's really refreshing to have an artist come back that hasn't lost it. Very refreshing., Will definately purchase.

  7. Nice article, Res is dope, but her first album was "How I Do", not "How Do I" made the mistake twice.
    Just a heads up.


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