Roxanne Shanté Comes Clean, Public Delights In Schadenfreude

So Roxanne Shanté has admitted that she never did receive a Ph.D from Cornell University. No shocker there. But in a recent letter penned to Black Voices, the Hip Hop legend admits to being diagnosed with breast cancer and getting the treatment she so seriously needed. She does not, however, seek forgiveness from anyone she may have offended with her false claim of having a doctorate:

Do I apologize? Yes, I do. But I am not asking for your forgiveness...I apologize again but I don't request your forgiveness, because I have already been forgiven by who matters: God. Sorry I can't hold my head down because my crown may fall off.


I guess we can't really ask for much humility from a woman who had a successful career at the age of 16, one that was built on bragging and boasting, now can we? I, for one, am very happy to hear that Roxanne is on the road to recovery. There were some, however, who were not as forgiving as myself.

Some of the commenters left statements that called her a "fraud", urging her to "beg forgiveness from those who earned a doctorate." Others chided Shanté for writing a letter that, quite honestly, was rife with grammatical errors. To her credit, Shante did write that "I also had to live and talk like someone with a doctorate--not an easy task at all." Tell me about it.

To be honest, I don't really care so much about this topic anymore. But I am interested in the backlash that some of these comments represent: the frustration and irritation that comes when someone lies to your face unecessarily. For curiosity's sake, how do you all feel about this? is it wrong to chastise someone who has endured a hardship such as the one Roxanne endured? Or is it better to leave well enough alone and take the high road? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

"Roxanne Shante: Coming Clean, Saying Sorry, Being Thankful and Fighting Cancer" [BV]


7 Responses

  1. I think what bothers me is that some people may have tried to talk to her seeking help, yet she had no degree, nor was she licensed. It's one thing to just give advice to people, hell I do that every day, but when an individual seeks you out thinking that you're a psychologist who can provide clinical information and you're boldface lying to them with random generalized info that anyone can look up on the 'net, I have a problem with that.

  2. So her crown wont fall off?!? she obviously has been listening to too much of her own lies. She's no queen, she's a lying douche bag who used her lies to falsely diagnose and treat people. She's a con-artist just like that Madoff dude. A scam is a scam............

  3. Yikes. Not a good look Shante. Wow.

  4. I'm left to wonder, what was it all for?
    Still, it revived my interested in her as an artist. Perhaps I'll pick up an album to listen to one of the first women rappers to do it.

  5. Don't feel the need to work to actually achieve something of value. Just put it on like a fashion accessory.
    You're right, we should credit that she had to take all that effort to convincingly lie for quite some time? She'll be needing a rest then.
    Hope she thanks her oncologist for staying up nights studying.
    No we can't expect or ask for humility from any performer but if there's no honesty in what they have to express then what is their value to us?
    May her God cause her crown to slip over her lying mouth, teach her the value of shame and shut her up.

  6. Is it just me or does this photo make her look like a devil???

  7. A few months back I heard Shante' on the radio discussing her degree issue, and she was obviously lying as they grilled her about her college endeavors. I was still doubtful once it was over, but I was closer to believing her at that point.
    Now, she spills the beans about her lying the whole time! She's wasted a lot of people's time with all of these public shenanigans, so I think we should be able to take her to Judge Judy's court to file civil suit for pain and suffering...