Röyksopp Offers A Different ‘Vision’ Of ‘Too High’

I recently alluded to how annoying it is that so many R&B and Hip Hop artists are laying claim to their undying love of Euro Pop in an attempt to appear avant garde and relevant. In truth, we all know that when everyone's on the same bandwagon, it cannot be unique any longer. Those in disagreement cited the fact that it's these artists' right to want to be "different." Fine. Be different, but there's no need to shout it from the rooftops. As an artist, there are ways to cite your influences without forcing it down everyone's throats (Kanye, I'm looking at you). It's for this reason that I am rather liking "Vision One" by Norwegian Electro Pop duo Röyksopp. It gives a hat-tip to Stevie Wonder by building then deconstructing the beat from "Too High" while maintaining a Pop sensibility. At it's worst, it's a jaunt down synthesizer lane. At it's best, it's like one of those songs you hear on a great mix that bridges two songs you absolutely adore. Feel free to agree or disagree once you press play.

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  1. Yo! mami check out a cat named Stakko Bo out of sweden if you like that 80's pop action.

  2. Röyksopp: one of those duos whose name i've heard in the past, but never really checked them out. "Vision One" has me curious to hear more, though. a nice nod to Stevie, for sure. and if there was ever a time when Wonder walked down synthesizer lane, certainly it was his '70s material. certainly not to the degree of euro pop, but it couldn't when the funk and soul kept it in line. Röyksopp gets props from me on this one...

  3. agreed. pressing play again.

  4. Another notable is their sample of Nice N Smooth's "Funky for you" on "Happy Up Here". These cats are ALWAYS source material. Gotta love em...

  5. Its different... and i like it...

  6. yea, i'm diggin' it!
    euro pop is something nobody should be claiming undying love for 😉
    bands like royksopp, telepopmusik and a select few others tend to get thrown in with 'euro pop' but are really doing something much better and more original than the bland label would suggest!


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