‘…just visting too’ With Zo! & Friends

Between teaching music to inner-city youth in DC and touring as part of The Foreign Exchange, Zo! has been working diligently in the lab on his own projects. While putting the finishing touches on his Sunstorm LP (scheduled to drop summer 2010), the Detroit-bred musician has graciously dropped ...just visiting too -- an EP of covers featuring vocals from his +FE bandmates. This project is a free download courtesy of the good people at Foreign Exchange Music.

"Nights Over Egypt" features Carlitta Durand taking on The Jones Girls hit with a digital disco production vibe a la 2009 by Zo! The slap bass and tight snare will have you grooving whether you're two-stepping in the club or dusting furniture in your living room on a Saturday morning.

Zo! feat. Carlitta Durand: "Nights Over Egypt"

Zo! and Phonte team up for a rendition of Bobby Caldwell's "My Flame" and make it their own with a dancing Rhodes piano grooving in time with the bass line while the cymbals drive Phonte's soulful delivery. The guitar riff and vibes give it a vintage sound while the kick and snare are undeniably true school. Zo!'s synth solo reminds me of his "4 Dilla" track he did in honor of the late Jay Dee. It's all around fish grease hotness.

Zo! feat. Phonte: "My Flame"

Zo! is gearing up to be the Herbie Hancock of our generation--especially if he keeps delivering solid material like ...just visiting too. This EP is a fantastic enhancement to your music library. Give it a listen and let us know what you believe in the comments.

Zo! [Official][Twitter]
...just visiting too EP [Download]

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