Why ‘I Am’ Loving The Month Of Mary

We really picked the right month to feature Mary J. Blige. From rocking national anthems to the release of the Precious soundtrack, to the celebration of the 15th anniversary of My Life, Mary is everywhere this month. And even though the new album Stronger has been pushed back a month, new tracks from the project continue to leak. The latest, "I Am," has MJB letting her man know that no matter what he does, ain't nobody gonna be as good to him as she is. Assertive Mary. We love her. Take a listen and continue rocking with us as the Month of Mary rolls on.

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5 Responses

  1. Nice little ditty. It's like the older sister (more mature) version of "I Can Love You".

  2. I'm keeping it positive during the Month of Mary. She looks fantastic. Love the art.

  3. She always will be the queen! I love her!

  4. This song is hot, I do like it. However I like the other version way better. Johnta Austin feat. mary J. Blige. look for it.


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