At Least Mary J. Blige Looks Great In The ‘I Am’ Video

The Month of Mary may have jumped off in November, but big things are still poppin' for Mary J. Blige and we're on the case. Yesterday she dropped a new video for the song "I Am," which was slow to grow on me, but alas it has. Hearing Mary sing it live on the American Music Awards telecast and Lopez Tonight recently helped to turn the tide for me. Although this new video doesn't break any fresh ground, MJB's makeup and wardrobe looks fantastic, which is par for the Queen's course. Could she have come out with a stronger (no pun intended) video? Perhaps, but the song didn't really lend itself to anything high concept. But maybe you armchair directors would've done things differently. Take a gander below and leave your thoughts about the clip in the comments.


2 Responses

  1. I'd love to see Mary do a nice jazz, blues, or better yet gospel cd. she has the voice and look.

  2. This video speaks to the transition that her career has undergone. So classy and beautiful that, frankly, I was taken aback! This video was like a modern, current Anita Baker type video. Walkin' on the beach, some upclose shots, gave us a little performance vibe I loved it!
    Contrast that to the "I Can Love You" video (song w/ similar theme, yes?) and, well, y'all can see Mary 's evolved 🙂 LOL


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