‘Dealing’ With Eric Roberson And Lalah Hathaway

A few weeks ago we gave you a heads up that GRAMMY nominees Eric Roberson and Lalah Hathaway were hard at work on the video for "Dealing," and I am beyond elated to report that said video is now here for our enjoyment. Premiering this morning on Centric, the clip features Erro and Lalah arriving at a house party separately with their insignificant others. When he steps in the room with his lady, you can sense something going on as Lalah barely acknowledges his fine presence. Erro escapes upstairs to use the restroom and as he collects himself, we see flashes of his happy times with Ms. Hathaway. When Erro returns downstairs, it's Lalah's turn at karaoke and she's singing this here song. Roberson keeps his cool while he observes, then another party-goer suggests that he join Lalah on the mic for a duet. Under normal circumstances this would be an innocent prospect, but not where secret lovers are concerned. Eric starts feeling their duet a little too much and crosses a line, which results in Lalah's man, played by Chicago-based singer Ramel Werner, going oops upside his head. Ouch! This video had a great concept – how often can we say that these days – and excellent visuals. Get into it right here.

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6 Responses

  1. Dam Erro got knocked the fu@k out!!! Good video though.

  2. Love this song! Absolutely love the video! It's always cool to see a video that actually make sense and compliment the song at the same time.

  3. one of the best videos I've seen in years! realistic, dead on, HILARIOUS!! Tells the story in 3 minutes, what some movies can't tell in 3hrs! I love it!! Oh yeah.. INCREDIBLE song, which is most important!

  4. Love the song Love the video Lalah and Eric has great chemsity.

  5. Avatar

    ...Erro shall be receiving a letter from my lawyer real soon. He re-captured a day from my recent past...sans the karaoke(lmao)!!!


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