Jesse Boykins III Gives Us The ‘Itis’

Oh my, my, my, what do we have here. Just in time for nightfall is a sexy new video from Jesse Boykins III for his song "Itis" from The Beauty Created. Director Atif Ateeq captures our attention early when we find Jesse and
his lady laying in bed. After they kiss and he exhales plumes of smoke,
you know that this won't be some ordinary music video. The clip is a black and white visual feast that takes us from JBIII's bedroom to the city streets to Jesse performing at a club. The smoke returns once Jesse takes the stage and lights it on fire with his exciting live performance. This is one bout of itis that I don't mind catching. And how fitting for this video to premiere on our girl ill Mami's birthday seeing as she loves her some Jesse. I guarantee this will be quite a satisfying gift. [HT: SS]

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2 Responses

  1. 1st things 1st....Happy 21st Mami:) secondly this kid is the truth, the whole truth and nuttin but the truth. Happy New Years to my SB family. Since we are 6 hours ahead of stateside time I will be bringing in the new year before most of you even get off work:) i'm a pour a little bit out of my cup in honor of SB:) Holla

  2. with a chick that ain't nowhere near being black. sick of these darks ass negroes on that shit with their videos.