Quiet Bounce: If I Don’t Get Lucky, You Don’t Get Lucky, Too

I have already extolled greatly on my love for retired musician Lewis Taylor a few months ago. I revisit my "Lewis Taylor" playlist on my iTunes often and this song is one that I always find myself drawn to. Unlike the original, this version is acoustic, features some Spanish guitar for good measure, and as always exhibits Lewis' fantastic vibrato and great harmonizing. From The Lost Album, this song is never lost on my ears. Make sure this song never gets lost on yours as well.

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  1. This has been in heavy rotation on my player for months now.
    I have finally reserved in my psyche to treat Lewis as a mother who gave birth to some beautiful kids and has decided to not have any more.
    I hang out with his song/kids almost every day. The make me smile and cry. They make me want to have my own.
    But if he ever wants to go to the fertility clinis in 10 years... Ill support his decision.

  2. I've been a major Lewis Taylor fan for as long as I can remember and The Lost Album is definitely a classic. The three acoustic versions of his earlier joints are blessings, each more vulnerable and powerful than the last.

  3. This is lovely! *SIGH*

  4. Lewis is one the most under rated artist of all time, period.

  5. Yeah, my friend put me onto LT earlier in the year, and I was sorry to hear he doesn't do new music anymore. But the music he has done, I've loved the hell out of it. I think Stoned & Stoned pt. 2 are my favorite albums.

  6. Where can I download this song????

  7. I got to know LT because i heard a cover made by John Mayer's second guitar player. Too bad I cant get any of his cds here in Argentina. And I cant find any place to download his albums neither...


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