Quiet Bounce: I’m Not To Blame For The Pain

From his debut at the dawn of this decade until now, Musiq Soulchild has been one of the most consistent male vocalists in the R&B game. He's one of the few artists whose every album I own and get enjoyment from to this day. One of his records that I find myself playing more than the others, however, is his sophomore set, Juslisen, and the song that I zero in on every time is "Previouscats." The reasons are obvious now: Eric Roberson co-wrote and sang backup on the track. But I fell hard for this joint before my Errobession even started. Musiq's 2002 musical plea that he be judged on his own merit and not by the dastardly deeds of the dudes before him struck a chord with me. This song had a great message and excellent execution.

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  1. I always did like this song, because it tells the story of what a lot of women (and men) do........bringing baggage into the next relationship. Can't blame the new man or woman for what happened with the last one.

  2. This has always been 1 of my favs...

  3. I totally agree. Every Musiq album has so many gems. It's the reason why I never hesitate to buy a Musiq album, even if I haven't heard one snippet from the album. This song is definitely a favorite.

  4. Yes indeed. I guess its no mistake that Erro had something to do w/ some of his tracks I like the most as well (mary go round is my fav) And I agree that his consistency is undeniable (for a moment I'll forget that Radio record, ughh). I really enjoy all 5 albums and it's hard to say which one I like the best..

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    Crazy...exactly this tune has been the most played on my iPod for the last week.
    I so agree...It's easy to hear that it is of Erro's hand but on this exception i really think that Musiq does a better job than what i could imagine from Roberson...


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