Quiet Bounce: The Hardest Thing To Do

There's probably a handful of songs that are more achingly beautiful, or haunting, or that have the ability to put one into a trance, than Zhane's 1994 "For A Reason." Yet, right now I can't think of one. It was 16 years ago that Jean Norris (now Baylor) and Renee Neufville met at Temple University and, with the help of Naughty by Nature DJ Kay-Gee, put together the party anthem, "Hey Mr. DJ" for the Roll With The Flava compilation. Since then, with their debut album, Pronounced Jah-Nay, they pretty much kept the party going with songs like "Groove Thang" and the midtempo banger "Sending My Love." And then there was this song, which was never released as a single, but served as concrete evidence that these ladies could slow it down, almost to a halt. And sing. Well. When I hear this song, I think of goodbyes, and yesterdays, and of what could've been. Which can be healthy, with the proper soundtrack. This one is it. Do yourself a favor: take it slow and quiet bounce to this.

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  1. i cannot even listen to the whole song because i am JUST getting over a relationship that ended in 94 (marriage) people, remember this quote"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

  2. perfect song off one of my favorite albums. thanks for posting!

  3. This is absolutely one of my FAVORITE Zhane songs! I hate that they split because their music spoke to my soul. Talking about real talent!

  4. I need to dig out my CD. I wish they would reunite...they both can sing so beautifully. This is one of those songs that makes you tear up even if you're not sad...

  5. My favorite, favorite Zhane song is "Crush." I miss these ladies - they made beautiful, soulful music you could feel. Today's female "singers" just make me scratch my head.

  6. I'd forgotten that song.
    I went to dig it out and found I'd bought it on tape!
    Good times.

  7. Crush was my joint but I still find myself in love with both of these weaveless diva's from way back.

  8. I dunno..I was having slow jam from Zhane binge yesterday and I missed out on listening to this one...This was always one of my very favorites I still find my self singing this chorus from time to time...great song. is on point as usual

  9. This is a truly great song. I just wish that piano was more tuned! 🙂

  10. I wore this song during a college break up that at the time seemed like life and death...Although Im finally over it, this song can take me back to those emotions.... Dang, let me turn this off 😉

  11. Love this song. It has always been a favorite.


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