Raekwon Takes Off The ‘Surgical Gloves’

I love Raekwon. For a minute I wasn't sure how he would be able to come back from the utter disappointment of The Lex Diamond Story, but once a Wu-Tang fan, always a Wu-Tang fan. When I first heard Only Built For Cuban Links II, "Surgical Gloves" became an instant favorite, In fact, I can admit that I haven't been able to sample the rest of the album because the beat on this track is that infectious to me. Despite the fact that this track centers on the drug game and the streetz, if it ain't broke don't fix it. In fact, the mere reason that Rae continues down this path of lyrical content lends itself more that he just feels most comfortable in this lane. I'm not mad at him for that and so I'm also not made at him for this track. If you're unfamiliar with his new album, get familiar. It's definitely instant vintage material that will make you pull out your old Hip Hop records and yearn for more.

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  1. Defintely an infectious track and the vids visuals work well for it, though I'm more partial to "10 Bricks" cause Dilla really captured and re-vamped the classic Wu sound a little more IMO...


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