R.I.P. Anthony ‘Apache’ Teaks

3 Responses

  1. I met Apache back in 1984 hanging at the 45King's Basement every day when I was coming home from work. Apache had a great sense of humor and was a tremendous writing talent. As Shakim said, "he was the string that help create and build the Flavor Unit" My life was blessed to get to know him as the creative juices were flowing on Stuyvesant Blvd. Do I mourn his death (YES) or am I happy I got to meet such a great Brother and enjoyed him in my life (Yes). God Bless to you my friend........

  2. I had forgot about this cat, until just about a week ago when I was going through my cd collection and stumbled upon his first CD. That Gangsta Bitch joint was fire back in the day. I always wondered why he didnt follow that single up........RIP Pache

  3. Where is the story with this video????